Friday, May 8

First Park WOD of the Year! Yahooooo!!!!!!

Hey there everybody! As far as right now, we are still planning on having our first Park WOD of the year. The location is Corbin Park (Google Map Directions below) and is a pretty nice and long there probably will be some running:) Since we won't be at the gym, if you are anywhere in the beginner phase of your CrossFit training and was planning on attending tomorrow, don't hesitate to still show up at the park. Let me know about how far along in the course you are and we'll scale the WOD if need be. BUT!!!!!, please check the site again tomorrow morning before heading out to see if there has been a change in plans due to unexpected weather, etc. (just in case:). Otherwise, I'll see ya all at the park! Pray tonight for good weather tomorrow!!! - Brandon

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