Saturday, May 23

Awesome Memorial WOD Tribute!!!

Well, we ran the Fender Memorial WOD today and just like last year it was a great turnout. We not only had a slew of CrossFit Spokane Members show up, but were also graced by the presence of a handful of our friends from Crossfit CDA, CrossFit 509 and many service members from Fairchild. We also had several friends of friends who showed up and got their first Crossfit experience.....what a hell of a day to pick, eh? :) No worries though, it was a team effort and everyone did their part to complete everything as RX'd. Great job everyone!!! In case you were unable to make it, there is always next year; it really is a great time. Angela took most of the photos so I can't post any of them yet, but check back soon for some good pics.

All of the teams did exceptionally well and I think we all started the summer off right by getting some good tans....or at least some farmer tans:) Thank you to all who brought in some extra equipment, thanks to Jedi Garth for keeping track of all the teams, thanks to Kristen for supplying the music, thanks to Joe and Hailey for their hospitality at their house for the healthy cookout and social, and a big thanks to Mike and Angela for organizing/starting all of this. But more than anything, we would like to give thanks to Ellen for showing up; we are so glad you are a part of our family and we only wish we could do even more to honor you.

Lets also all remember why we get this 3 day weekend end each year. You all give us so much every time you step foot in the gym; the only thing we ask of you this weekend is to make sure to take a moment (wherever you are) and appreciate all that we are blessed with by living in such a great country and remember how lucky we are to always have men and women willing to do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

FYI. We will be open tomorrow (Sunday) for our normal Titans Class but we will be closed on Monday. Have a great Memorial weekend!!!!!

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Derek said...

Sounds like as much fun as last year, wish I could have been there!

Fender, RIP brother...