Friday, May 1

Krav Maga Class Has Been Rescheduled!!!

Attention!!!!!!! Tomorrow's Krav Maga class has been rescheduled for a later date TBD. However, Brayson Buckner will be using the available time to still conduct a combatives-based "cardio" class that will run during 1-3. The 10 a.m. CrossFit class is still scheduled as normal. If you happen to be participating in Spokane's Bloomsday Race on Sunday, don't hesitate to still show up for a good Saturday class. Just let us know and we can tone down the WOD so it can be more of a "loosen up" day for ya and won't completely wreck you for optimal performance on race day:) Don't feel as though sitting around doing nothing the day before a long road race will help you. As someone with a past in long distance running, trust me, it's important to keep your body warmed up and ready for action....not moving at all the day before will not get you ready!!!:) So, like I said, come on out for our Saturday class and we'll have a toned down "pre-race" WOD for all you Bloomsday'ers!

Also, although it won't be tomorrow, we would like to start having our periodic Park WODs. We'll let you know when the first one will be (possibly next Saturday) and I would like to check out conducting one at Corbin Park which is very close to the gym. Attached below is a map to it so you can have a heads up when we eventually go there.

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Chubbs said...

Check out the Crossfit Games site. That girl, Polly, who is a former Fairchild AFB soldier, got second in the Hell's Half Acre Qualifier. You may remember her at the CFSV/CFS competition getting a 3:18 in the DL/PU WOD!