Thursday, January 29

Burgener Warm-up

I recently attended a CrossFit class over in the Seattle area. But the area was new to me and I ended up getting there a couple of minutes before the class was scheduled to start. Not only that but the gym was already set up for a WOD and I knew I wouldn't be able to get my normal warm-up in which usually takes about 10-15 minutes. So I thought, "Out of all the stuff in my warm-up, what will be the most beneficial with only a few minutes left?"

At CrossFit Spokane we are constantly trying to provide you with the best of service. As I stated several posts ago, expect to see lots of little changes in the coming months in different areas. One is to continue to run class times as structured as possible to ensure that you get as much as you can out of your hour. What does this mean for you? It means that you have to show up early enough for a class to properly warm-up, be included with any group, skill-based refresher/warm-up, and begin the WOD with the rest of the group for that hour. Come in too late and you will have to wait for the next class to begin. Please be aware that this really isn't a problem and it happens rarely. But we are addressing this in case it does from time to time. We know you are all busy people and we know that sometimes life/work/school/kids happen. But the times that it does and you do show up late, we still want to provide you with the best service. At busy classes it takes away from the group if we repetitively are waiting another 5 minutes, and then another as people show up late. Those who are ready to go have to wait around. As you all know, depending on the WOD the trainers will start the WOD between 10 to 15 minutes after the start of the hour allowing you ample time to do your own warm-up.

So, what is the point to all of this? Well, if life does happen, you show up a little late, you have to go pick up your kids in an hour and can't wait till the next class and the group will be coming together to start in 4 minutes, how do I still get a decent warm-up? What are the most important things to do? Or what if you head to another gym or happen to be on the road and don't have the equipment for your normal complete warm-up? So with that in mind, I would like to introduce you to the Burgener Warm-up. Mike Burgener is, among many other titles, the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach. This short warm-up is an excellent choice to include if you are limited on time or equipment. All you need is a broomstick, PVC, pipe, or even just an empty bar. Not only does it warm up your entire body, but at the same time is helping you practice lifting skills (i.e. the Snatch). In it you go through series of steps that lead up to 3 complete power snatches at the conclusion. You get to practice your triple extension, your OHS stance, your speed to drop under the bar, etc, etc. Please watch the following link and then ask us about it at the gym. I have been including it into every single warm-up for a year now and along with some overhead pass throughs, a few push-ups and pull-ups and some short stretching, it is what I consider my base for any normal or "pressed-for-time" warm-up.

Burgener Warm-up

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