Tuesday, January 27

"That doesn't look that bad."

"That doesn't look that bad."

This was a common response to the benchmark WOD "Barbara" today as everyone came in and looked at the board. She doesn't come around often, and many of today's clients hadn't chased after her yet. But there is a reason that the veterans of "Barbara" fear her. Within the hour, most of those comments turned into, "That was one of the worst WODs ever!" or "I almost met Pukie!" Like always at CrossFit Spokane, it seems that the simplest looking WODs turn out to be the hardest. And once again everyone displayed tremendous effort. Congratulations to Pat for having the fastest time of the day with an impressive 28:18 with excellent form to the very last squat. Also to Tyler who destroyed the WOD while using rings instead of a pull-up bar...you're an animal! We also had two new members complete their first post-fundamentals WOD and are well on their way to joining the regular group classes very soon.

Carlos was in a hurt locker, then he finally got up and went outside, and came back feeling better. Hmmmm....I wonder what could have happened?:)

I think Janessa has a new found hatred for Barbara

Sully with the Post-WOD 1000 yard stare

This pretty much says it all:)

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