Tuesday, January 13

Mark Your Calendar!!!

Ready for a challenge? We hope so because on January the 31st we are coming together with CrossFit Spokane Valley at their gym to have a great competition and hopefully get the word out about CrossFit! Please write your name on the board at the gym if you are interested in competing. It should be a great time and is free for all CrossFit Spokane members so you all should come out to join in on the fun! Not only is it a great chance to meet with other CrossFit members in the Spokane/CDA area, but performance under pressure is another great way to increase fitness and improve your skills! Regardless of your CrossFit level, remember that there will be members of other gyms that are right there with you. So don’t feel like you need a sub 3 min Fran to compete! The WODs and format will be kept secret until right before the competition…gotta love CrossFit!!!

Due to the fact that the Muscle-up Challenge at CrossFit Spokane was originally marked for the day before this competition, we are going to simply push it back until the following week.

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Montana Fabian said...

I can't wait!!!! This is going to be such a good time!!! It's good to CrossFit against people you don't know from time to time...keeps that intensity alive and refreshes the system!!! I hope every single XF Spokane member shows up!!!