Wednesday, January 14


We are still waiting for some ideas on a slogan for the gym. We haven't gotten any so far, so please post them in the comments if you have any that come to mind. Even if it is something you think sounds silly or odd, post it anyway. Every little bit of imput is helpful. We are looking for something tactful, like something you would wear on a t-shirt. If you are hesitant to post because you don't have a Blogger account, get one! As long as you already have an email account (with anyone) you can create a Blogger account in about sixty seconds.


Montana Fabian said...

Here are a few...see if any of y'all like these or can piggyback off of them. Some are a little longer and maybe could be specialized t-shirts. So please let me know what you think about any of these for slogans or t-shirts!

1)Elite functional fitness for the everyday person
2)CrossFit...the evolution of fitness
3)CrossFit...what real fitness should be
4)CrossFit...real fitness, real people
5)Sculpting fitness for real life
6)'s what nature intended
7)Warning! Highly addictive fitness! (or successful fitness)
8)CrossFit...the road to elite health and fitness starts here!
9)Highly functional, highly successful
10)Finding passion in fitness again.
11)'re fitness will never be the same again
12)CrossFit...where hard work pays off
13)Uncommon fitness is common place
15)Do your body a favor...CrossFit
16)Is there a CrossFitter in you?
17)CrossFit...a better quality of life.
18)Find your inner CrossFit
19)You should either CrossFit or...or...hmmmmm?
20)Feeling like something is missing in your fitness? CrossFit.
21)CrossFit...the answer to fitness
22)When Life throws ya punches, laugh and inform Life that you CrossFit!
23)The first rule of CrossFit don't talk about CrossFit! The second rule of CrossFit is...rules were made to be broken. Let me tell you all about it!
24) can't understand until you try

Well, enough for now. Please comment with some of your own or try modifying some of these. If you are hesitant to post because you don't have a Blogger account, get one! As long as you already have an email account (with anyone) you can create a Blogger account in about sixty seconds. If it takes longer than that let me know at the gym and I will bust out ten burpees right there on the spot as long as you make a post on the site letting me know that you signed up! Promise! Thanks!

Montana Fabian said...

Well this sucks. I just realized that some of your computers might run slower than mine......bring it on anyways! I got faith in the internet:)

mike and angela said...

I like #2, #7 and #19. Well really I think they were all pretty good, but those seem to stick out. Another good one for a little humor is:
Nice beach muscles...
Do you plan to actually workout today?
Run,jump,throw,drag,carry,push,pull,punch,lift...(and maybe a coulple more)
It's what we do
Here is a couple, I am sure Mike has a few to add too. We will continue to add more later.

Spokane Razorbacks said...

Crossfit...because OZtralians don't know shit about fitness

Pat W said...

Crossfit is 90% mental and the other half is physical.

Pat W said...

faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... just your average crossfitter

Michael Scott said...

Two I found from a search on the crossfit message boards:

I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...And I'm all out of bubblegum.

"All men die, but not all men really"

Rodney said...

Crossfit----Check your ego at the door

Rodney said...

Here I sit all brokenhearted meant to workout then crossfit started

gr8grasshopper said...

CrossFit....The ultimate fitness for life!

gr8grasshopper said...
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mike and angela said...

Love all your ideas so far, keep 'em comin'.

Matt said...

We're a pretty big deal.

Crossfit Spokane

jay said...

workout?....Got CrossFit?

boogie72 said...

Helen, Fran, Angie...How fast can you do them?

Chubbs said...

I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more kettlebell!

Crossfitters are just like everybody else, except when we wake up, we exude confidence and excellence in every aspect of life.