Saturday, January 31

You all must be a little off your rocker for actually loving this!

What an outstanding day for CrossFitters! Today we had the Spokane/Valley/CDA CrossFit Challenge. First, to all competitors and did and amazing job! Words cannot even describe the displays of physical and mental excellence that was shown today! This is what CrossFit is all about; random workouts covering a variety of functional fitness skills executed at extremely high intensity...mixed with so many great personalities that I almost couldn't handle it! The WOD's were awesome, the energy was awesome, the times were awesome, the people were awesome, the competition was awesome...everything was awesome!

Please check back in over the next couple of days (as details and pictures comes into us from everywhere). We just wanted to get this out today until we have a chance to post more in depth details. But until then, here are a few things I need to mention.

First, I would like to thank all of you that were able to come out. I know that it can be tough to juggle kids, work, etc. and a lot of you made the sacrifice to be there today. To be honest, neither the Valley staff or us were expecting that kind of turnout; we had 47 participants plus a good number of spectators to cheer you all on! Once again...Awesome!

Also, I know some of you fire breathers are wondering how the top spots ended up. Well, as you can imagine, there is still some work to be put in to finalize and chart everyone's scores. As soon as it all is we will post it on the site. But the top few we do have. In third for the males and overall we have Spokane's Brett. Not bad for an old man...ha, ha, just kidding Brett, I couldn't resist. And in case you didn't hear, Brett placed third in the state at a Judo competition a few weeks ago...great job!

As for first and second, this was quite the show. It all came down to Spokane CrossFit's Tyler and Pat. After some careful calculations, it came up as a tie. So, what was the tie breaker? Well, the judges decided to check the actual total of the fastest times from all combined WODs. The was a dead even tie down to the second! So how are we supposed to declare a winner?!!! Well, after some discussion it was decided that Tyler would come out on top. Why? During the first event, which was a 20 meter timed sprint, Tyler decided to display some superhuman strength by picking a fight with the wall of the gymnasium. He was sprinting so fast all the way through the end point that he decided that the wall wasn't going to intimidate him; if he had determined that it would, he just might have had a second taken off that would have meant a for sure second place.

The result of the fight with the wall went in CrossFit's favor. It took a little of Tyler's skin and blood, but it didn't stop him in the least! Needless to say, I would be watching for some intense competition at the gym between Tyler and Pat!

As I said, the complete results will probably be in during the early part of next week. Again, great job to all competitors!

Everyone is starting to get ready for the events at the CF Spokane/Spokane Valley Challange.

Brandon pushes Shannon from Spokane Valley as she finishes here row.

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Chubbs said...

I just want to say thanks to all the trainers at C-Fit Spokane. It is such an awesome environment, you would have to be absolutely, bat-sh*t crazy to work out at a Globo Gym with this much fitness knowledge and effectiveness at your fingertips. Once again, thanks for opening my eyes (and my buddy, he is sold on C-Fit, going to start a garage gym back home) to the world of Crossfit.

(This is Nick)