Saturday, January 24


Didn't notice this sweat angel until it was starting to fade, but still got it!

Group 1 in the midst of it all and it's various stages!

Speechless! That's the only way to describe Saturday's group WOD! We had a great turnout, pulled that stopwatch out of retirement, and seriously got after it! If you weren't able to make it today, you really missed out! The entire WOD was bordering on being classified as a "Painstorm WOD" and the effort of every single CrossFitter was unbelievable! We also were glad to have Emily, a CrossFit Eastside member, stop by to join us. I have had the pleasure of training at their gym in Redmond, WA and like always, it's a great group of CrossFitters there as well. Today's WOD was actually three separate short and intense WOD's with about a 10 minute rest between them. It was a two person team effort and hit nearly all of the fitness skills that we train for at CrossFit Spokane.

WOD #1 was a 250 m row while the other team member did as many burpees as possible, then they switched out and did the same...end of round one. They then continued to switch out until each member of the team completed 4 rounds! Score was total time in seconds minus the total number of reps the team cranked out; lowest score is the goal.

WOD #2 was a 3 plate transfer (one at a time) across the gym and back (total of 4 lengths with lots of sprints between to go get the next plate). Meanwhile, the other team member was knocking out as many mountain climbers as possible, then they switched...round one complete. Teams kept going until each member had done 3 rounds. Scoring was the same.

WOD #3 was an alternating Tabata. The exercise...thrusters! Total number of combined reps were then taken off the total of the first two WOD's combined total.

Thank you to all of today's participants...the kind of energy in this group WOD was amazing!

Joe/Nick: 707

Pat/Carlos: 709

Jeremy/Jack: 754

Nate/Bob: 856

Jaryl/Emily: 883

Janessa/Angela: 900


Cory/Mia: 1284

Pat with great burpee form and Carlos rowing his heart out!

Jack and Jeremy tearing apart the WOD!

Never a dull moment during WOD#2

Sorry there's not more pics...I honestly took quite a few today. But you all were moving so fast that most of them came out as blurs! Great job, incredible mental toughness. CrossFit Spokane... what else would you expect?


Mike and Angela said...
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Mike and Angela said...

While Mike is away on what seems like a constant basis to make America a better place, we would like to thank all our coaches for the great training you all provide and your help. We would also like to thank all our clients for working so hard. That is what makes Crossfit Spokane the best gym in spokane.(or maybe even the best gym in the world, in my opinion)Also thank you to Brandon for doing a great job on updating the site. We love and appriciate you all! Keep up the hard work.

Mike and Angela said...

Here is a couple more slogans:

*Bridging the gap between fitness and life

*Come as you are...we'll make you better

* Blood is replacable, sweat is expected and tears are optional

*Some girls go to the gym...Hot Chicks CROSSFIT

*And for anyone that tears their hands or cries during a workout they could get a tshirt that says:
No Sweat, no tears, no shirt

* This one is Mike's not mine:
Crossfit Spokane...Stand out like a boner in sweat pants!

* Bring a designated driver

* Ordinary people giving extraordinary effort

HDerrig said...

Has their been anymore consideration to a sunday class? I would like to be able to work three days on one day off on a consistant basis and that would really help.

C constant
R running
O of
S sweat
S so
F functionally
I intense
T training occurs
Just a thought... Playing around with words...