Saturday, January 10

Check Back Soon!!!!

Proper eating, CrossFit, and more proper eating...please prevent scooter abuse!

We received notice that our building will still be closed through the Monday morning classes for sure. As for the classes starting at noon and after, we are unsure. The moment we find out we will post it immediately! So please check periodically to keep current on the status of classes. Thank you so much for being patient while we deal with Mother Nature's wrath:)

We would also like to take this time to inform you all that we are going to start implementing a lot of small improvements/new ideas around the gym. We are very excited about continuing to provide you all with the best service as possible.

One of these ideas is to come up with a new slogan for CrossFit Spokane. Although we have come up with many ideas of our own, we would like to include you all in on this process. So, please post in the comments if you have any ideas and maybe yours will be the new slogan for the gym! We're thinking of something that is short and sweet, embodies what CrossFit is all about and is very catchy. Lets see what we can come up with! We are also thinking about starting a Sunday class or possibly another one on Saturday. Please comment on whether or not you would like this option and would be able to attend.

Home WOD for Sunday: Time for some Max Reps!

Max reps/time of each exercise...
2 minute rest
Plank hold
2 minute rest
Squats in 5 minutes
2 minute rest
Sit-ups in 5 minutes
2 minute rest
Burpees in 2 minutes
2 minute rest
Flutterkicks in 2 minutes

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