Friday, January 30

Get Rested, Hydrate Well, Stretch a Little and Visualize

Cool kettlebell

Tira resting after a WOD

Myia pulling hard during a row.

Janette is back and ready to work hard. We are glad to have her training with us again.

Angela is always smiling. Maybe because she has lost over 35lbs in less then 6 months with us. Prior to us, she was paying a personal trainer for over a year and lost only ten pounds.
Compare the value of one month with CrossFit Spokane to the cost of one hour with a personal trainer, which is better?


These should be your duties for the next 24 hours.

Rest. The WOD's aren't going to be that long, but they are intense like always and there are 3 of them. Make sure to get a good nights sleep. Realize that you may not be use to doing WOD's in the morning so I would recommend getting up a little earlier so you have time for that breakfast to settle and your body to loosen up after a nights rest. Maybe go out for a brisk walk or jog with the dog, clean up the house or something to get your body moving!

Hydrate. You always should be hydrating properly, but make sure to really be all over that water bottle tonight. I am going to guess that three WOD's will probably make you sweat a little, just a little though:) Tomorrow morning is a little too late to do some "power hydrating"; just make sure that you are sipping on water from the time you get up until the events begin. Protein powder, good food, N.O. Explode...(whatever it is that you think is awesome)...remember that nothing beats out being well hydrated with the best stuff on earth...H2O:)

Visualize. As I mentioned in an earlier post, in any WOD you should have the right mindset as you go into it. It' about nobody else but you. You are probably going to be faced with some strengths of yours tomorrow, and also some exercises that might be your worst weaknesses. Start excepting that and prepping for it. Here's a little trick that I have done since I ran cross country in high school and I have used it in everything in my life all the way up through helping coach a high school XC team here in Spokane and then also in my own personal CrossFitting. We use to close our eyes and visualize the entire course. We'd imagine ourselves at crucial parts of the course where we knew that we would be struggling or where we knew a strength of ours would be best utilized. Close your eyes and visualize. Visualize yourself being great and performing to the best of your abilities. Visualize yourself waking up feeling great and rested. Visualize the three worst WOD's your mind can come up with and then take yourself through each one of them rep by rep, round by round. Close your eyes and visualize your form staying strong, your mental strength taking over. Visualize yourself walking into the gym and feeling that awesome sensation of being with fellow CrossFitters, new and familiar alike. Visualize your confidence that you will have. Right after hearing the events visualize yourself being pumped that you get to test your body once again. Visualize yourself knowing that you are making yourself stronger than you were on Thursday night. Picture yourself going through every rep once again, forming a perfect video in your head of what you will push your body to do. Take a deep breath and then do it again.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! This should be such a great time! How else would you want to spend a Saturday morning other than surrounded by CrossFitters, stopwatches and barbells?:)

In case any of you are still wondering:
8 a.m. register
8:30 a.m. rules and regulations
9 a.m. events begin


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