Monday, January 19

Incredible Start to the Week!!!

This is what seems to be the unfortunate evolution of fitness vs. technology...but not at CrossFit Spokane!

First off, great job to everyone that came in today!!! We know that not having a timer on you today threw some of you off at first, but the increased focus on form was great! You all kept that same intensity but were able to take split second pauses here and there to improve that great form and focus; it was very obvious during the Clean & Jerk portion of today's WOD. Many people that I know weren't as confident/experienced with in their C&J's showed incredible just one day!!! We are positive that this will improve everyone's fitness, knowledge and performance once we pull that stopwatch out of retirement at the end of the week.

Second, you will probably be seeing some new faces in the next week or two as we are getting soon-to-be-CrossFitters coming in and going through fundamentals. We are really looking forward to them joining the community, so make sure to introduce yourselves!

Last, in case you feel like there is a lot going on in the next couple of weeks, and there is, here's a few things to jot down on your calendar.

1) The Spokane/Valley/CDA CrossFit Competition is on the morning of January 31st.
2) The Spokane CrossFit Muscle-up Challenge will be on or around Friday, February 6th.
3) The Underground Wellness Seminar date is up in the air at this time, but we'll keep ya updated as we finalize things. Please sign up at the gym if you are interested so we can get an idea of how many would like to attend. Non-gym members can also attend.

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