Monday, January 19


Full range of motion is more important than the amount of weight lifted or the time in which you complete a WOD. End of story.

We all know this, so why am I bringing it up? Because just like everything else in CrossFit, we constantly need to be taking ourselves back to the basics and mastering even the most simple of skills. We also have been known to do this other thing that has been proven to dramatically improve fitness...staying constantly varied. So this week at the gym will be a little different in that there will be no use of stopwatches (with the exception of possible AMRAP WODs) and no times/rounds/weight lifted will be written on the board. Everything else will be run as normal.

Why? I think that we all can agree there has been at least a couple of times during a WOD that you have maybe sacrificed a little form at the end or didn't lock out completely overhead on every rep in the 3rd round. It happens from time to time especially if you are reaching an intensity level where your body doesn't have much left to give; at this point it's usually a mental game to just keep moving and get done. Be honest, we've all been there at one time or another:) And this intensity is part of why CrossFit is so successful. But another reason is our unrelenting desire to be perfect, to be elite at fitness.

Now, this in no way is to say that you still aren't putting forth 100% intensity, because we ALWAYS expect that from you! What we are trying to do is make sure that from time to time you can take a break from that stopwatch and not let it get in the way of your ultimate goal.

As CrossFitters, we should all rather have perfect technique and range of motion on all of our WODs and exercises instead of incredible times with sub-par form. Realistically though, most people will experience both during the course of their "gym-life". What we need to be excited about is to have an opportunity to continue working on our goal of perfection and to do what we're best at here at CrossFit Spokane, Forging ELITE Fitness!

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